Willing to sit for this exam knowing all our friends will get placed in MNCs, earn good money etc. just out of college requires courage and is highly commendable.

If you have decided to give a minimum of 2 years of your life going through rigorous preparation where 99.9%


For anyone who knows what Harvard is, the title “From Homeless to Harvard” itself is enough to grip one’s attention. The movie revolves around a teenage girl and how she despite facing hardships and numerous never ending challenges makes…


Rapid development of data technology (IT) has brought with it many new applications like e-commerce and global business. The past few years have seen activities within the legislative arena covering issues like digital signatures, the international recognition of electronic documents and privacy and data protection. Both the developed and developing…

The road transportation sector plays a crucial role in accessing the growth of any country. India is a country with the second largest road network in the world. Out of the total stretch of 5.4 million km of the road network, almost 97,991 km is covered by national highways. Though…

V Vedvyas

One step, one coffee a day

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